The Tolerance of Lime mud to Effect of Salt From Lower Faris Formation Missan Oil Fields


  • Dr. Faleh H. Mohammed Almahdawi Petroleum department, Engineering College, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq



Missan oil fields, lime – treated mud, sodium chloride salts, tolerance of contaminants, lower Faris formation


In our study we have used several concentration of sodium chloride salts ( Nacl ) to test a tolerance of lime – treated mud prepared in laboratory in order to predict the conditions and amount of salt that may be occurred when we pass through salt formation or salty – formation as we have in Missan oil fields. We tried to show the effect of salt concentrations and variation of amount of lime on rheological properties of lime treated mud. Many samples were prepared for this goal. The main result of this study was, we can’t use this type of mud to drill the interval( lower Faris formation ) because of its pressure abnormality, but as an inhibitive acting lime treated mud appeared good properties to drill like this lithology with normal pressure.




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Almahdawi, D. F. H. M. The Tolerance of Lime Mud to Effect of Salt From Lower Faris Formation Missan Oil Fields. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2016, 6, 105-119.