Study the North West extensions of Makhul structure using remote sensing techniques (central Iraq)


  • Dr.Torhan Medhhir Almufti Advisor to the President of the Republic of Iraq
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Saleh Al-Naemi NOC, Geological Department



Research includes the study of the North West Extensions of Makhul structure using remote sensing techniques (central Iraq) which is located to the north of Baiji province in  Salahuddin governorate, which lies 240 kilometers north of the city of Baghdad, located within the operations of the North Oil Company.

  The aim of the present study is to re-define extensions of Makhul structure by the use of visual space (satellite systems and landsat7 ETM) after it was observed that there is a difference for determined the North West Extensions for structure of what is mentioned in previous studies.

   I have been using the space visuals and available previous studies for the Makhul structure and North Western Extensions him in determining the dimensions, in addition to the show faults in the research area  and relations with the Makhoul structure  and its extensions. It has also been taking the results of wells drilled in the research area (Makhul -1, 2 and Mityaha -1),  for the purpose of assessing hydrocarbon reservoir, and we are relying on the explanatory information from the images and spatial data and received from the satellite (LANDSAT 7) according to the system ETM (Enhasment Thematic Mapper). It has also rely on the definition and identification of some units geomorphologic home on the intensity of the color, tone and texture. a network of drainage pattern is essential.

    Using satellite data and previous studies point showing that the length of the Makhul  structure more than 95.500 km and not 37 km, and the area affected by the operations raise distinct and different stages. it has been divided into four parts of  Makhul structure (from the southeast to the northwest), a south-eastern part, part crescent, which includes the Saded structure, the middle part, which includes the Cehel structure and north-western part, which includes the Mityaha structure. The hydrocarbon possibilities in the study area, it is in spite of the weakness of the possibilities hydrocarbon in the southeastern part of the Makhul structure (wells Makhul-1,2) and the northwestern part formerly known the Mityaha structure (well Mityaha -1), but the middle part (the structure Cehel areal) may be possibilities hydrocarbon better and more possibilities from the other parts.




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Almufti, D. M.; Al-Naemi, A. I. S. . Study the North West Extensions of Makhul Structure Using Remote Sensing Techniques (central Iraq). Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2021, 8, 47-70.