A Study of the Performance of Nanomaterials on Water Base Drilling Fluid


  • Dr. Hassan A. Abdul Hussien Petroleum Engineer Department, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • Sarah Hakem Hamza Petroleum Research & Development Center (PRDC).




Nanomaterials, MWCNT, nano SiO2, Plastic viscosity, yield point, Apparent viscosity ,Gel strength , Drilling fluids



This study is an attempt to investigate the effect of nanomaterials on the water base drilling mud properties. Two types of nano materials were investigated, are Multi Walled Carbone Nano Tube (MWCNT) and nano silicon oxide (SiO2).The investigated properties of drilling mud with the rheological properties (Plastic viscosity, yield point, Apparent viscosity and Gel strength), filtration ,and lubricity test are investigated. In addition, effects of high temperature on these properties were studied. All tests are conducted according to API specification and proceed in Petroleum Research and Development Center (PRDC).

The experimental results show that a significant improvements in the lubricity test and the rheological properties such as yield point, filtration properties of the MWCNT and nano silicon oxide modified drilling fluid compared with the base drilling fluid. Also a significant improvement in the rheological properties at using combined of nanomaterials (MWCNT and nanoSio2) and reduction of filter loss at using nanosilicon oxide compared with fluid loss reducer.




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Abdul Hussien, D. H. A. .; Hamza, S. H. . A Study of the Performance of Nanomaterials on Water Base Drilling Fluid. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2019, 9, 86-106.