Modified asphalt production from the hydrocarbon resin, SBS and LDPE


  • Safwat Jamal Ali Salih Al-gharagholi Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Baghdad,
  • Haydar Mohamad Abdul-Hameed Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Baghdad,



Modern highway transportation faces many challenges such as high traffic density, heavy
load and high speed thus the asphalt pavements are founded to be subjected to various
types of distress. That can be done by looking for good material to be added to the asphalt
mix such as polymers LDPE, SBS and HR as shown by some researchers. The main
objective of the work is to find new bitumen mix which is compatible with the Iraqi
standard and saved the environment. The result indicates an improvement in most of the
modified bitumen with HR, SBS and LDPE. 10% WCO, 88% bitumen and 2% HR give 60
mm Penetration, 99.3% solubility, 95 ductility, 44 oC softening point and 288 flash point
were seen to be optimum with the selected standard. At the end, the study indicates that a
good quality bitumen can be achieved using HR, SBS and LDPE.




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Al-gharagholi, S. J. A. S.; Abdul-Hameed, H. M. . Modified Asphalt Production from the Hydrocarbon Resin, SBS and LDPE. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2020, 10, 86-100.