The use of composites coatings for inhibiting the chemical corrosion in metallic reservoirs


  • Dr. Samer Abdul-Kadhim Subaih Al-Saadi Ministry of Oil / Petroleum Products Distribution Company / Central Measurement and Calibration Department



Corrosion, Epoxy, nano MgO, Coke Coal, Chemical and Electrochemical Corrosion.


The research aimed the identify on level of nanocomposite coating of a steel
alloy that used in manufacture of mineral reservoirs for the storage of oil products in
the oil products distribution company (Opdc.).. The metal was coated by epoxy
composite reinforced by hybrid particles. The chemical composition of alloy was
characterized by using spectrometer OE. The topographic and surface nature of coat
material was studied by atomic force microscope (AFM) and optical microscope. Also
a cognitive scale was prepared from (hardness, adhesion strength, chemical corrosion
tests as well as electrochemical corrosion test. It was found the type is (St-37), it’s a
low carbon steel according to (ASTM). It was found Hardness of coat increase with
increase of reinforced ratio and the adhesion strength of coating (232 Psi). Chemical
and electrochemical corrosion tests have shown the efficiency of coating in corrosion
inhibiting and metal protection.



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الساعدي د. ع. ا. ص. . The Use of Composites Coatings for Inhibiting the Chemical Corrosion in Metallic Reservoirs. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2020, 10, 1-10.