Using Internet of Things Techniques to Measure Parameters of Oil Tanks


  • Ali A. Abbod Ministry of Oil, South Refinery Company, Thiqar Refinery
  • Nour Basim Zwyer Ministry of Education



Wireless Sensor Network; internet of things; Oil Tanks; monitoring; fire sensor.


Systems change currently response to the requirements of modern society where the
emergence of a lot of sensors and controllers in all forms it led to the use of IoT that
make things connect with Internet These technologies provide advanced functionality
for enterprises and oil installations to transmit data in real time to avoid flood and fire
situations in oil Tanks.
The system consists of two stations: the tank station and the control station for
monitoring and controlling the level and temperature of the products and the detection
of fire. Where, the tank station is equipped with three sensors, which are level,
temperature, fire sensors.
The connection between the tank station and the control station is wireless connection
by XBee. The control station is to display data to the user via graphical user interface
that were programmed by Visual and stored in a local database designed by
SQL Server simultaneously sending data to the Think Speak so that authorized persons
can access the data remotely.
The system tested for several months proved during this period that it has the ability
to address some problems such as floods and fires where it gives alerts before the
problem occurs.




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Abbod, A. A., & Zwyer, N. B. (2021). Using Internet of Things Techniques to Measure Parameters of Oil Tanks. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies, 11(1), 153-167.