Paraformaldehyde as a corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in (%15) HCl


  • Ghassan Burhan Yaqoob North Oil Company



The effect of paraformaldehyde in the solution of 15% HCL as an inhibitor of C-steel corrosion has been studied using the weight loss method. It was found that the efficiency of inhibitor increased by increasing the inhibitor concentration and decreasing temperatures. Also, the action of paraformaldehyde as a corrosion inhibitor has been attributed to the insoluble complexes was adsorbed on the C-steel surface. The iron complexes were identified by FTIR spectrum and the mechanism of inhibition was explained as Langmuir adsorption. The thermodynamic parameters of the adsorption process were calculated and explained.




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Yaqoob, G. B. Paraformaldehyde As a Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in (%15) HCl. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2021, 11, 1-14.