3D Reservoir Rock Type Model Based on Cluster Analysis Technique for Rumaila Formation in the Ahdeb Oil Field, Central Iraq


  • Buraq Adnan Hussein Al-Baldawi Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Baghdad. Baghdad- Iraq




Logfacie, Rumaila Formation, Ahdeb Field, Cluster Analysis


This study presents is a classification of reservoir properties (porosity and shale volume) into rock types for carbonate Rumaila reservoir in Central Iraq (Ahdeb Field). The Cluster analysis method is used to identify rock types and to recognize well log clusters of similar characteristics. For most subsurface research, the determination of the rock type (lithofacies and petrofacies) is not adequate enough because of a lack of cores and cuttings. An interactive petrophysics software program was used to get the results of a cluster analysis technique, in order to determine the rock typing (log facies) in Rumaila formation units in the Ahdeb oil field. Initially, petrophysical parameters such as porosity, shale volume and quantity of various reservoir minerals were determined using the probabilistic evaluation process. In the second stage, the multi-resolution graphic clustering method was employed to separate the sequential electrofacies which resulted in the identification of four electrofacies with different geological reservoir properties. The vertical variations of the rock type for Rumaila formation are based on four log facial groups. These log groups are categorized according to porosity and shale volume of formation based on responses to well logs after division of Rumaila formation into four units (Ru-1, Ru-2, Ru-3, and Ru-4).A 3D rock type model for Rumaila Formation was performed using Petrel software in order to illustrate the horizontal distribution of rock type along the Ahdeb field and showing the best characterized of reservoir rock type in any unit of Rumaila Formation. Cluster analysis technique classified porosity and shale volume, which were calculated for Rumaila Formation using well logs, into four similar characteristics rock types: rocktype-1, rock type-2, rock type-3 and rock type-4. A 3D Petrel model of rock type shows that rock type-2 has better reservoir quality than other rock types in Rumaila Formation which is characterized by high porosity and low shale volume. The model clarifies the distribution of rock type-2 in the Ahdeb field at units Ru-1 and Ru-3 of Rumaila Formation




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Al-Baldawi, B. A. H. . 3D Reservoir Rock Type Model Based on Cluster Analysis Technique for Rumaila Formation in the Ahdeb Oil Field, Central Iraq. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2021, 11, 49-73.