The Utilization of Magnetized Water for the Improvement of Crude Oil Quality


  • Samer N. Shatub Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Middle Refinery Company



Magnetized water, bioenergy of magnetized water, crude oil processing optimization, crude oil desalination, green technology.


The crude oil binds from the oil fields to the refinery with water. This water contains dissolved salts, mostly chloride salts (CaCl2, NaCl, MgCl2), which are one of the components of the water emulsion in crude oil leading to the contamination of the crude oil. This pollution has a serious negative impact on the refinery units if left untreated, causing many Problems such as (corrosion, sedimentation, blockage of exchanger tubes and furnaces, and other problems). As a result, it is necessary to treat the crude oil salts and remove the effect of the salts by desalinating the oil at different stages during production at the wells and then in the refinery unit. Desalination is the main equipment used in the process of washing crude oil from salts using ordinary freshwater

         This work aims to use magnetized water as a substitute for normal water in the stage of washing crude oil salts by installing a water magnetization device with strength of (4500) gauss, at the site of the washing water injection line before the mixing valve at the desalination remover. The results showed that the magnetized water increased the efficiency and energy of the water used, reduced the deposition of salts and corrosion in the tubes of the distillation unit, as well as helped to crack the salt ions and transform its molecules into smaller particles and reduce their concentration in the crude oil.


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