studying The Boundaries of The Tectonic Zones South of Latitude 32◦ of Iraq Using Trend Surface Analysis method


  • ban Talib Basra Oil Company, Basra, Iraq
  • Emad H. Al-Khersan Basra University for Oil and Gas, Basra, Iraq
  • Ahmed S. Al-Banna Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq



Potential Information, Plate Boundaries, Tectonic Zones.


A geophysical study investigation was conducted in the southern part of Iraq bounded by coordinates; longitudes (39◦ - 48◦) East and latitude (29◦ - 32◦) North. This study includes analysis and interpretation of the potential data (gravity and magnetic) derived from the Bouguer anomaly map and Aeromagnetic total field intensity map of Iraq both of them is within the scale of (1: 1,000,000) and do comparison with the information available from geological maps, which include Tectonic, Hydrological and Geological information.

Gravity and Magnetic maps of the study area were digitized at a grid interval of (1×1) cm which is equivalent to (10×10) km on the land. The trend surface technique was applied on the Bouguer anomaly map of the area. Through these analyses there are three tectonic boundaries have been proposed (A, B, and C). Results were compared with potential analyses of available geological information which match some faults proposed through data analysis with other geological information.


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