Desulfurization of Basra Diesel Fuel by Emulsification – Adsorption Processes


  • Ali G. Khudhur Energy and Industrial Services Department, North Gas Company, Kirkuk, Iraq
  • Ahmed A. Hantosh Health, Safety and Environmental Department, South Refineries Company. Basra, Iraq
  • Mohammed A. Omer Health, Safety and Environmental Department, North Gas Company, Kirkuk, Iraq



Diesel fuel, Desulfurization, RSM, Emulsification, Adsorption


In this study, the combined emulsification–adsorption processes were employed for the desulfurization of Basra diesel fuel.  A high sulfur diesel fuel of 1.4538 wt% from the Basra refinery was oxidized effectively with H2O2 and Acetic acid (AcOH) as a catalyst to reduce sulfur content to 1.0875 wt% before being emulsified. The emulsification desulfurization (EDS) process using Alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS) as a surfactant was optimized by 20 trails according to Response Surface Methodology (RSM). A 0.83886 wt% was achieved at the following optimum conditions: Surfactant concentration 20 wt.%, temperature 57.56 ᵒC, and homogenization speed 5695 rpm. The adsorptive desulfurization (ADS) process using activated bentonite clay was carried out in a batch system. The RSM was applied to determine the effect of contact time (1-10 hr), clay mass (5- 20 gm/50ml), and temperature (30-100 ᵒC) on the sulfur removal. Results showed that the sulfur content of 0.57 wt% was achieved at the following conditions: adsorption time 7.18 hrs., temperature 53.3 ᵒC, and clay mass 15.24 gm/ 50ml. The achieved sulfur removal efficiency was 23% and 32% for EDS and ADS respectively. The diesel fuel quality was studied by GC and IREX.


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