Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrodearomatization of Kerosene over high metal loading Ni w/γ-Al2O3 Catalyst


  • Hussein Qasim Hussein University of Baghdad / College of Engineering – Chemical Engineering Department
  • Salah Mehdi Ali Petroleum Research and Development Center (PRDC)
  • Ban Abdulrahman Ahmed Altabbakh Petroleum Research and Development Center - oil ministry
  • Sattar Jalil Hussein Ministry of Oil - PRDC
  • Yazan Munaf Ali Ministry of Oil - PRDC
  • Saad karim Ibrahim Petroleum Research and Development Center-ministry of oil
  • Saba Abdulridha yousif Ministry of Oil - PRDC




Hydrodesulfurization, Hydrodearomatization, Ni W/γ-Al2O3 catalyst, Kerosene, Burning Characterization.


The present research investigates hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and hydrodearomatization (HAD) of raw kerosene with 0.364 wt. % sulfur and 16.498 wt. % aromatics supplied from Al-Dura Refinery. Hydrotreating reactions were carried out in one stage reactor over high metal  Ni W/γ-Al2O3 prepared catalyst at different temperatures 275-350oC, pressures 32-62 bar, LHSV 1-4 hr-1, and H2/HC ratios 200-500. The prepared catalyst was pre-sulfided remarkably at low temperature and high pressure to avoid risky of sintering associated with gaining the active sulfide phase at high temperatures.  Results showed an obvious differences between HDS and HAD rates due to difficulty of polyaromatics saturation compared with desulfurization. Sulfur and aromatics removal were achieved from 74.9% to 95.6% and from 1% to 12.8% respectively at different operating conditions. Advanced saturation conditions were promoted the hydrogenation reaction bath and played a significant role for achieving acceptable levels of HDS and HDA.  In general, HDS and HDA increased with decreasing LHSV and increasing temperature, pressure, and H2/HC ratio. Burning quality, fire hazard, and aromatics content of kerosene were characterized by measuring of smoke point, flash point, and aniline point respectively. These properties were enhanced at different hydrotreating conditions due to the skeletal conformation change of kerosene hydrocarbons during reactions.  




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Hussein, H. Q. .; Ali, S. M. .; Altabbakh, B. A. A.; Hussein, S. J. .; Ali, Y. M. .; Ibrahim, S. . karim .; yousif, S. A. . Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrodearomatization of Kerosene over High Metal Loading Ni w/γ-Al2O3 Catalyst. Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies 2021, 8, 28-46.