Effectiveness Enhancement of the Double Tube Heat Exchanger Using ZnO Nanofluid


  • Hussein Fadhil Kadhim The State Company for Gas Filling and Services, Ministery of Oil, Al-Qadisiyah




Double tube heat exchanger; Nanofluid; overall heat transfer coefficient; effectiveness; ZnO.


In this study, the effect of adding zinc oxide nanoparticles to the reversible effect double tube heat exchanger with a length of 1.5 meters, an outer diameter of 19.0 mm, is made of copper material that is used by Nano water as a cold liquid. Zinc solid nanoparticles with a volume concentration of 3% were used with water as the base liquid. The cold nanoscale water flows into the real tube with a volume of 4 L/min which enters into the heat exchanger at 16°C, where the hot water flows into the separator of the heat exchanger representing a blank volume of 6 L/min. The Reynolds number range and flowrate ranges are 10000 to 20000 and 5 to 15 respectively. The heat exchanger was introduced at a temperature of 65°C. An improvement in the performance of the exchanger was shown in the case of using water with the addition of nanoparticles


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